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Creating pieces of art, for Huda, isabout creating the correlation between the aspect of enjoyment and theartistic. Unlimited variation of forms in an art expression, random in nature,has unlimited value. Paradoxical ideas, based on social phenomenon, are  processed using the measure ofecstasy/enjoyment, and then transformed into a visual object. Thus, his choiceof visual-idioms becomes a subjective creation. Each step in the process hasuniqueness in nature, which take us to an understanding or generalizationof  his ideas.  As a result, his creations are rich inpositive meanings and have multi-dimensional interpretations.

 In every one of his works, themetaphors he uses not only to beautify the language of expression but areintended to open space to renew ways of viewing the world, and openpossibilities for reacting to the reality.

 Metaphor is a form of understandinghow we interpret or transform any given reality around us (external input) intoan internal expression, which is personal in nature. An act of metaphoric is aninterpretation of an object/idea using different object/ideas to get betterunderstanding; the truth of metaphor is laid on the identical idea or naturethat is found.

 The relation between symbols andsubject matter is not like an exact reflection, but it is only represents an“agreement” between the two. Experience, feeling, and artistic choices arebeing formulated in a concept of form to draw an imaginative understanding ofthe chosen subject matter through the metaphors.


It can be concluded that the depth,renewal, and actuality of his works is heavily dependent on a few factors- suchas quality and a deep understanding of the object,  the vigorous exploration of imagination, thecourage to try new ideas and his vigilance to capture uncommon areas. His abilityto express and conceptualize his ideas into a creation has made his works wellsuited to current times. He is able to access new territories, continuallyrenews his perspective, and willing to see any given idea/topic from manyangles- both internally and externally.

 He captures his meaningful ideas intohis creation, and allows us to see what is physically not present, enabling usto understand what the creation truly represents.




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